commercial truck cap details page commercial truck cap menu bar Aluminum Aluminum i4 Mechanical Design Animated Logo Home About Products Miscellaneous Projects Patents Contact i4 MOBILE WORK STATION Patents in effect on this product 	Hydraulically loads and unloads heavy equipment to and from your truck box wherever you go. 	Standard lifting capacity of 1000 lbs. Will load cargo from the ground up such as: 	Lawn tractors 	Cement mixers 	Large tool boxes 	Snow blowers 	Welders 	Generators 	Compressors 	Designed with contractors and industrial companies in mind. 	Provides a secure and protective enclosure for your equipment. 	Increase safety by reducing dangerous workplace injuries caused by manual lifting. 	increased savings in : 	liability costs 	legal fees 	lost time 	medical fees 	short/long term disability  	Increase productivity by turning a two man job into a one man job. 	Increase productivity by reducing unnecessary trips to your truck by easily unloading all of the tools you need. 	Can be custom built with the features best suited for you. 	Features can include, work bench, shelving (inside or outside access), bin system, tool racks, and power inverter. You can also have your choice of windows and styling. 	Lockable outside storage containment for dirty or foul odor accessories. 	Easy slide in installation similar to a truck camper. 	For rough pricing fill out and fax/email the pdf communication sheet by clicking on the icon below. Loading Lawn Tractor Loading Two Motorcycles Truck Cap Side Cabinet Unloading Back-hoe Bucket Work Bench Loading Spools Truck Cap Interior TOY BOX GALLERY HEAVY! USE LIFTING EQUIPMENT PROVIDED WARNING! Truck Cap Interior PDF COMMUNICATION SHEET Unloading Barrels Load or Unload all of Your Tools at Once loading Cement Mixer Unloading Wood Splitter