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We are located in the Ottawa Valley of Ontario. Our business was founded by Garry Gowans, President of i4 MDI. His previous work experiences started as a teenager in the maintenance and repair of small engines, as well as travel trailers and motor-homes.   His professional experience includes 8 yrs of engineering of manufacturing equipment in the nuclear industry, followed by 10 yrs of design of aerospace components.
The demand for high quality in these industries combined with an extreme hobby of good old backyard engineering make for a diverse mix of talent. A diverse mix of talent is what is required in todays design challenges due to the many flavors of technologies available. We do most of our own manufacturing as well as the engineering. Our designs use 3D CAD modeling, and our fabrication includes welding of aluminum and steel. Other processes include painting and bodywork. Processes that cannot be completed in-house are contracted to other local companies.