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Enclosed Cargo Loading System

Patenting via Garry Gowans, President of i4 MDI, and in the patent pending process within multiple countries. Its unique mechanism can be adapted to other applications other than pick-up truck box loading. The market of pick-up truck box loading greatly benefits from a system like this in commercial truck cap applications as well as recreational camper type applications. As the fabrication of this item is large enough to increase employment, it also provides a prosperous business opportunity. The lack of competition in this type of machine also creates a low risk venture for even smaller businesses. i4 MDI is currently leveraging off of the entitlement to manufacture the loading system in our Toy Box and Mobile Works Station products. Please email us for more information on these patents.

Quick Release Wheel Chock System

These devices firmly hold the rear wheel of your motorcycles. Motorcycles can be secured closer together allowing multiple bikes to be transported without the use of straps. This reduces the risk of bending the handle bars from over tightening. The chock system also allows the bikes suspension system to remain fully operational during transport.